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At Sanctoras we do things differently

We truly value collaboration and believe that, by working closely with other professional advisors, our clients benefit the most. We are proud to have built our reputation as being a team that is always happy to discuss your clients’ circumstances confidentially and pragmatically, whilst also actively seeking opportunities to refer work to our professional colleagues in other industries.

Often, we are asked to provide specialist input on specific areas of expertise. For example:

  • The Statutory Residence Test and cross-border mobility
  • Complex domicile matters
  • Family Investment Companies
  • UK and non-UK trusts and foundations
  • Single Joint Expert divorce reports
  • Employee Ownership Trusts
  • High-value asset acquisitions

In many cases, new clients are referred to us outright to provide advice on an ongoing basis. We know that every referral made from one advisor to another is an extension of your own relationship with your client, and so we always strive to provide the very best possible service.

Working collaboratively to get our clients the best possible outcomes

We are proud of our industry awards and listings in the top directories, and you will see a sample of our testimonials from other professionals around our website. But nothing beats having a chat! Please get in touch to find out more about Sanctoras, for us to learn more about you, and to explore how we can work together.

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"James is a highly competent tax adviser
and lateral thinker who has the ability to
convey complex solutions effectively and
succinctly. We work collaboratively with
James and the team at Sanctoras for clients
with sophisticated financial planning and
tax needs, and find their expertise and
knowledge of huge benefit."
Aled Phillips
Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Niche Private Clients
Making our clients' lives easier

We aim to become part of the engine room which helps you achieve your objectives.

We can work whenever, wherever suits your lifestyle.

Your office in London, your favourite coffee shop in Dubai, virtually from anywhere, or even a terminal at LAX.