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The world is becoming more connected every day, and our clients’ lives are rarely in one country in isolation. It is therefore vital that personal and business matters are considered not just from a UK or UAE perspective, but in each jurisdiction in which they have interests.

In order to provide unrivalled technical support  we have a highly experienced team and a strong network of trusted specialist advisors globally. Together we ensure we co-ordinate the best advice, no matter how complex your cross-border situation.

Recent international matters on which we have advised include:

  • Relocation of a family from the UK to Malta
  • An entrepreneur moving to Dubai, including assistance with company setup and obtaining his visa
  • Establishment of a Jersey trust for a non-UK domiciled individual prior to becoming deemed domiciled
  • Acquiring and holding a UK residential property portfolio for a Single Family Office based in the Middle East
  • Review of the domicile status of an individual who moved from the UK to Monaco
  • Advice on the establishment of a Dubai Foundation for a UK domiciled, long-term non-resident individual
  • Advising on the tax matters of a cross-border, high-value divorce (co-ordinating advice across four jurisdictions)
  • Winding up a non-UK trust holding UK residential property

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Every Sanctoras client is assigned a dedicated point of contact who will ensure an efficient, pragmatic and proactive service. Your Sanctoras contact is supported by a close-knit team, so you will always be able to speak to someone who knows the facts of your situation.

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“James Heathcote of Sanctoras is a rising star. He provides clear advice paired with a wider appreciation of business need. He grasps difficult matters extremely quickly, and has a calm and patient manner, which clients very much appreciate.”
Claire Gordon
Partner, Farrer & Co.
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