James Heathcote seriously supporting Yorkshire through innovation in AI
January 12, 2024
Sarah Marshall

This month saw the official launch of Yorkshire AI Labs LLP (YAIL)- a revolutionary new approach to venture capital based in God's own county.

Sanctoras Founder and CEO James Heathcote also announced that in addition to his work leading Sanctoras he would be formally supporting Yorkshire AI Labs - and therefore innovation within his beloved Yorkshire - through his role as YAIL's Chief Financial Officer.

James said: "I am extremely excited to now be able to announce the launch of Yorkshire AI Labs LLP - a revolutionary approach to venture capital utilising a dynamic fusion of sweat equity and cash, supercharging early-stage companies to unprecedented levels of value and growth.

I've been working with David Richards MBE for a number of years now, and it is very fulfilling to see a project into which everyone - particularly the Silicon Valley heavyweights of the management team - have put their blood, sweat and tears come to fruition. It is also a real privilege to have been invited to join the partnership as YAIL's CFO.

Of course, all focus is still on Sanctoras and our growth as we enter 2024 is more than I could have dreamt less than two full years into the business. However, working with YAIL will give us a huge advantage - we don't just advise on structuring, financial management and compliance for investment vehicles; we are in the thick of the day-to-day practical and commercial reality. We communicate with stakeholders. We turn the theory into reality. And we bring that expertise back to every single Sanctoras client regardless of the industry they're in.

Please do follow the Yorkshire AI Labs LLP page and visit the website at And, as always, I'd love to chat more about how Sanctoras can supercharge your own business.

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James Heathcote seriously supporting Yorkshire through innovation in AI