Helping an entrepreneurial couple to secure their dream life in Dubai
January 22, 2024
Sarah Marshall

Sanctoras provided relocation support for a family moving from the UK to Dubai. This included securing the coveted Golden Visa, working with HMRC, business licensing and formation in the UAE, as well as family office services.

Successful UK entrepreneurs Mark and Lauren engaged Sanctoras to help them relocate to the thriving city of Dubai.

Having a young family and on-going business interests in the UK it was vital to them that they could enjoy the stability of a 10-year Golden Visa - and the flex it gives to travel freely - with complete peace of mind that all their financial, immigration and administrative matters were handled robustly.

Quick summary of our work with Mark and Lauren:

-         Reviewed family circumstances, advising on Golden Visa criteria and process

-         Provided administrative support to submit a strong application

-         Clarified tax obligations from both UK and UAE perspective  

-         Continued contact with UAE authorities

-         Delivered robust advice on complex matters

-         Practical and administrative relocation support

Clarity around criteria and implications

Mark and Lauren wanted a level of security and freedom which they could only achieve by securing the highly prized Golden Visa. It had been clear that the Golden Visa process and criteria, as well as the tax implications and ongoing filing rules regarding their UK assets, were going to be complex and uncertain!

Our specialists reviewed the couple’s personal interests, business interests and assets laying out:

-         visa criteria,

-         UK tax implications,

-         filing rules,

-         tax residency rules.

Mark and Lauren decided they wanted to go ahead with the move as soon as possible.

Swift and effective application preparation

The pressure was on to deliver a swift and robust application. The team worked with the couple to prepare the necessary documents, which included translating documents into Arabic and getting them certified.

Working with UAE authorities and securing the result

A huge upturn in Golden Visa applications – coupled with the family’s intent to progress quickly - meant that it was vital to maintain regular contact with UAE authorities to process the application.

In a short period, Mark and Lauren received the best news: a 10-year Golden Visa was secured, and all dependents subsequently added!

Making the move

Working with HMRC, determining tax residency status

All assets and finances were thoroughly reviewed and UK tax residency status was confirmed via the Statutory Residence Test. The Sanctoras team worked with HMRC to confirm the couple’s tax status, and supported them to ensure adherence to the rules of the UK.

Tax advisory on UK income

Still involved in business projects in the UK, Mark and Lauren needed clarity on their UK tax obligations, VAT monitoring, filing, corporation tax and personal tax obligations.

Relocation logistics and living in Dubai  

Sanctoras was there for the family as their first point of contact in the country – and sometimes an emergency contact! Our team assisted with such a range of matters from accommodation options to helping the family to successfully navigate the healthcare and school admissions system.

Administrative and family office style support

All the admin services Mark and Lauren needed were included in this package of support; from visa delivery to provision of Emirates ID for the whole family.

The outcome

In a relatively short time Mark and Lauren and their family went from dreaming of a new life in Dubai to becoming long term residents. They had secured places in the most suitable schools for their children and had complete confidence in their financial and immigration status, as well as ongoing support with taxation to ensure they could continue to build their businesses.

A word from the team

Moving country is never easy, especially for a family with numerous assets and business interests. But we believe that we really delivered our premium service. This is our story of how we supported Lauren and Mark, but what do they think?

What do our clients think?

Lauren graciously provided us with an outstanding testimonial, the highlights are here, and we share the full version at the bottom of the page.

“Smooth and stress-free relocation to UAE. Personalised, responsive and comprehensive service.

The Sanctoras team has a thorough knowledge of the local regulations which gave us confidence and peace of mind. They were meticulous, guiding through the intricacies of the process.

Cannot express enough gratitude to Sanctoras, they really became our trusted partner in achieving our dream

Their unwavering commitment to excellence and personalised approach make them the best choice for anyone embarking on a journey like ours.”

Lauren, 2023

Proudly sharing Lauren's full testimonial

Because how could we not?

Take a look.

“I am thrilled to provide a testimonial for the exceptional services provided by Sanctoras in helping my family obtain our Golden Visa in Dubai and facilitating our smooth relocation to the UAE.

From the moment we decided to embark on this exciting journey, Sanctoras demonstrated unwavering commitment and expertise in every aspect of the process. Their team was meticulous in guiding us through the intricacies of the Golden Visa application.

What truly sets Sanctoras apart is their dedication to personalised service. They understood the unique needs of our family and tailored their support accordingly. Their thorough knowledge of the local regulations and procedures gave us confidence and peace of mind throughout the application process. Every query, concern, or request was met with prompt and comprehensive responses, making the entire experience stress-free.

Furthermore, Sanctoras played a pivotal role in our family's physical relocation to the UAE. They assisted with all the logistical and administrative challenges, making our transition remarkably smooth.

From assisting with accommodation suggestions to navigating the healthcare system and school admissions for our children, they provided invaluable guidance every step of the way.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Sanctoras team, we now enjoy the privileges of the Golden Visa. Our family has seamlessly settled into our new home in Dubai. I cannot express enough gratitude for their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support. Sanctoras is not just a service provider; they are a trusted partner in realising our dreams of a new life in the UAE.

I couldn’t recommend Sanctoras enough to anyone seeking assistance with obtaining a Golden Visa in Dubai or any other relocation services in the UAE. Their commitment to excellence and personalised approach make them the best choice for anyone embarking on a similar journey.

Thank you to Sanctoras and all of the team who helped with our move to the UAE!”

Helping an entrepreneurial couple to secure their dream life in Dubai